We can help your event in a couple ways.



1. Production

2. Performance

3. Hybrid of the two



Put plainly, Audio Visual will make or break your event.  This can be tough for a non-profit youth group, just wanting to do something cool.  Remember that you could bring the best speaker, presenter, actor, celebrity, in the world to your event, but if the people can't hear them great, your event gets the blame.  

Imagine going to the theater for that movie you've waited for.  If the sound is off, too quiet, or simply not GREAT you will have a bad experience.  The same is true for your event.  A positive or negative experience is firstly, square on the shoulders of Audio Visual.  

Luckily,  This is where I can help!

It is my passion to bring world class production to Native American Conferences, Youth conferences, community causes & positive events.  The good news is that in many cases, technology has advanced to the point that what use to cost 1/2 of your conference budget, can now be handled cheaper, but with even higher quality.  My experience has increased the production value for many conferences, while saving them in the 5 figures from previous budgets.  



DJ / Music integration for content delivery.

Imagine going to your favorite restaurant, or shopping with some family or friends.  Have you ever noticed there has been music playing?  Even in most grocery stores, it's something we rarely give attention to, but it's there.  Its not there on accident.  Business & the market place have known something for years.  The better your  experience is, the better you feel.   In their case, the better you feel, the more you spend, thus the intentionality on music in the background.  It's like a cover of sound that allows you to talk with the person next to you without feeling like everyone can hear you.  It serves a purpose even if its not necessarily a style of your liking.  

The same is true for events.  Walk in and walk out are important times for events.  During the walk in, this is the first impression you are making.  If its quiet and stiff, people will be uncomfortable, to talk, share, or get involved enough to get out of their comfort zones.  

After a couple decades DJing events small & large, I realized that having a Live DJ in conference world is a no brainer!  Since then it has been such a proven success i wondered why it isn't used more.  I found a couple answers to that question but the most important one would be, that not every Dj fits.  You can't just drop any DJ in that roll and find success.  There are types of DJs, & not all fit the corporate or youth conference mold.  But when you find the right one, your event will have just struck gold.

Heres how you know you have the right kind:

1. They know its not a DJ show (and they are ok with that)

2. It's a conference Not a club ( they have to know how to reel it in and not do the night club set)

Basically, they understand what the goals and objectives are for the whole event, and see themselves a piece of the puzzle, not the whole thing.  They should have a great radar for who you have and play appropriate music to the room.



Events are all about communicating.  You are communicating through your event sometimes hrs before it even starts.  To borrow restaurant lingo, the "taste" & "texture" of your event is being communicated from the second the first person arrives.  Is the vibe pleasant, or is it stiff?  If it is pleasant, the participants get warmed up, & are ready to receive & participate earlier and more often.  

Thats just walk in & walk out.  The other part to highlight are the transitions.  If you remember Johnny Carson, (then you're my age) haha, but you'll also remember Doc with the band.  David Letterman had Paul, Today Jimmy Fallon has the roots, and Ellen has a DJ.  in all cases the purpose is the same.  break up the attention shot clock, between giving information.  The more fun people have, the more information they receive, which is why hollywood integrates music and visuals with intentionality.  Conferences, School Assemblies, etc, all work the same.


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